For more than 25 years, Journey Through Italy has welcomed and touched the lives of thousands of guests. But if we examine what it means to touch a person’s life or how exactly an experience of such elevated quality and meaning is achieved in the world of active travel–we quickly discover that the real pros stand out. And guests return home to talk about it.

Impacting folks like this means becoming a sort of tour Maestro requiring years of hard work, hand-on experience, and much time on the road. ​It means searching out the most picturesque routes and best views — through woods and flowering meadows and along ridge tops– the most inviting kitchens, the sweetest villages, the most able craftsman, and the best acoustics in ancient churches. It means building long-time relationships and connections, endless shared meals and laughs and lassoing a mix of magical elements that come together harmoniously to create a transformative trip–one that truly “touches” the lives and hearts of guests. 

And then some.

A living example of this type of “Maestro” is the story of expert trekking and cultural guide Mario Acciai who, after many years of working for reputable adventure travel companies, branched out on his own as a well sought after leader, teacher of all–things–Italian and beyond. Groups returning year after year came to Mario asking him to take them to destinations of “his choice” with absolute creative license to lead the way. He was completely entrusted by guests returning to travel exclusively with Mario.

In more recent years, Mario’s son Lorenzo, who has grown up with the maps and discussions of special places and routes in Italy, has taken over business logistics and runs many tours himself. Charming and infused with an infallible Zen-like presence, Lorenzo brings his unique talents beyond his skills as a professional photographer to this thriving family run company.  Generations of business acumen and a keen understanding of what it takes to deliver extraordinary trips and mastering the art of sharing real life in Italy. 

Lastly–but furthest from least–is mamma Lise. She is the detail wizardess crafting up creative itineraries alongside Mario and Lorenzo. She’s the one coordinating logistics, booking hotels, transfers, special guides and visits. American born, Lise has been a certified professional Tuscany tour guide for almost 30 years. Contrary to the woman behind the scenes, Lise is the office up-front woman-in-charge, leading the troops and the on-phone, pre and post personal contact to individual guests and groups. The appetizer and the icing on the cake–all in one. Knowledgeable, warm and charming, Lise is adored by all.  

In the last decade of active travel, overrun with on-line trip offerings from large, medium and other small companies, travelers need to discern what it actually means to take a deeper dive. On a Journey Through Italy trip guests experience a one-of-a kind, locally organized/led tour that offers a truly authentic experience rooted in important Italian anchors: unknown natural wonders and walks along the best hiking trails in Italy, the ​cultural and architectural beauties of small, hidden villages and towns, savoring lavish picnics en-route during our walks; a focus on and understanding of the extreme importance of excellent, fresh food, respect for craftsmanship, beauty (both natural and man-made), simple, and daily insight into the sacred ways of everyday life in Italy.

This is the kind of journey that touches lives. 

Join Journey Through Italy for an inspirational, soul stirring adventure in any region of Italy, as well as Croatia and Slovenia. 


Author: Carol Sicbaldi – Tour Leader for Journey Through Italy

As a maestra of authentic tours featuring Italy’s time-honored traditions, the discerning experiences that Carol Sicbaldi shares as a Tour Leader for Journey Through Italy, will push you to explore a life of simple pleasure, uncomplicated flavors, bucolic landscapes and architecture from a time when things were built to last. Take your pick from trekking, authentic home cooked meals, pop-up picnics and wine tastings. She’ll introduce you to artisans whose life’s work is dedicated to keeping their chosen crafts alive, from cheese makers to bakers, honey producers and herbalists. Come celebrate a simplicity long lost in most corners of the world. Slow down, walk, appreciate the rhythm and flavors!