Lots of great dreaming can take place from a chair, or a walk around the block, or on a path up the hill behind the house. We have been thinking about the wonderful possibility of travel opening up again in 2021, and so have scouted some new locations and improved on some existing tours.


Le Marche suffered a devastating earthquake four years ago, but the resilience, ingenuity and love of the land of the residents have been heroic in the rebuilding. We’ll revisit the beloved plains, valleys and mountains of the region, and stay in a palace, in a castle, and in charming, eclectic, historic towns. We will explore some of its prettiest corners, and support the comeback of the area, while enjoying the great natural beauty, wonderful hospitality, delicious cuisine, and great hiking of the Marche.


While setting up a fly-fishing tour here, Lorenzo was delighted by the uncontaminated, untouristed and unforgettable nature in the far northeastern corner of Italy. Once out of the river he found lovely hotels and great hikes for this tour.  He also found historical wine cellars, Michelin star restaurants, medieval towns, imposing castles, rolling hillsides, lush alpine valleys, sparkling rivers, and dramatic mountains topped with tiny ancient villages. The area boasts many layers of history, from Roman settlements to trenches from WW2. There is much to be discovered in the region of Friuli!


The area north of the Apennine Mountains that stretches from Lombardy to the Adriatic Sea is known all over Italy for its delectable cuisine. This is a tour where the discovery of the food famous in the region (lasagna, ravioli, tortellini, ragù, mortadella, Parmigiano Reggiano, prosciutto di Parma, aged balsamic vinegar) is explained as we visit small, generational producers, and enjoy a cooking lesson. All of this delicious research will be coupled with easy walks and visits to small villages and beautiful historic towns like Modena, Parma, Ferrara, and Bologna.

And coming soon…


We have explored the tucked away region of Abruzzo with many of you in the past. Home to some of Italy’s most beautiful National Parks we hiked the Gran Sasso, danced to the music of the cornamusa, rang bells at the foundry, savored pastries in tiny towns…and in the distance we could always see the mighty Majella Mountain range. One of Mario’s friends shared that it was her favorite hiking in Italy, and this is the tour that Mario was about to scout for you—he had reservations at a mountain hut for the end of August when, instead, this unpredictable life had other plans… Lorenzo and JTI colleagues will be putting together the tour for him this year.

All of our tried and true tours, spanning most of bella Italia, are always available as well. And remember: all itineraries can be tailored to your personal needs, interests, and hiking abilities. We are happy to answer any questions, or help with any requests, you may have.

We take this opportunity to send you truly heartfelt wishes for a healthy, peaceful, inspired Happiest of New Years!

Hoping to see you soon.

Warm greetings from Lorenzo and all of your friends and local guides at Journey Through Italy.