What a busy year this was, filled with wonders and adventures from north to south!  Many trails, laughs, landscapes, meals, memories, and days of pure joy were had. We wanted to share some of our favorite photos with you. Thank you all for these moments of friendship throughout the year…we look forward to many more in the future!

We traveled to Puglia, the heel of the boot of Italy, in both spring and autumn, and both delighted with great weather and great food and wine. Puglia boasts such a variety of architecture and geography that we are always discovering something new.

We had a marvelous cooking and cultural trip that focused on the Noto valley and the East coast of Sicily. This group of friends was interested in all aspects of the wonders that Sicily has to offer, cooked up a storm, and aced the final history exam as well!

Highlights from our Amalfi Coast trips ranged from breathtaking hikes to infinite views over the Mediterranean Sea, to getting our hands directly into pizza, gnocchi and mozzarella making classes. Our results were delectable!

We were delighted to have many trips through the Dolomiti mountains this year, which are always nothing short of spectacular! Verdant valleys, majestic peaks, and meals that were a celebration of the stunning landscapes and rich local cuisine.

The island of Sardegna, surrounded by the blue Mediterranean Sea, boasts a ruggedly scenic interior. Our intrepid group was fascinated by the unique dialect, traditional food, local wines, and ancient history, with numerous sites that date back millennia.

Our season ended in October with perfect weather, enjoying exuberant days in the Italian Lakes district in the north. It was a harmonious blend of  strolling through scenic landscapes, magnificent villas and their gardens, and savoring culinary delights. We traveled from the serene shores of Lake Como to the charming Lake Maggiore to the tranquil Lake Orta, where we hiked into the heart-winning Strona Valley.

We are setting up our 2024 calendar with new adventures! See you soon in Italy! Ci vediamo presto in Italia!